NMTIA Conference, on our way….!

In Albuquerque, New Mexico
February 28 through March 1, 2020

Awesome workshops, and we’ll be there teaching 6 of them!

We hope to see you there! Make sure to look at the conference program, because it has truly interesting offerings and excellent presenters. Among the topics: digital forensics, sex trafficking, medical terminology, sight translation strategies, tour of city’s crime lab, CAT tools, ballistics, long consecutive, civil depos, interpreting for expert witnesses, ergonomics for translators and interpreters, and much more… Click below for the full schedule and all details. A great chance to learn and network!


Keepin’ It Fresh! (by Irene Radillo, FCCI)

So fresh!

Talking about our native tongues, here.

Much has been said, written and discussed about this topic, and it is particularly interesting to those of us who find ourselves in the same position as the author whose article I share at the end: long-term immigrants to an English-speaking country. Think of the overall impact being surrounded by the English language has on our fluency and breadth of vocabulary, especially if everyone in your household prefers English: it becomes our default language, our go-to language for everyday things.  Please read on! Continue reading “Keepin’ It Fresh! (by Irene Radillo, FCCI)”

Let’s Welcome Spring with Some Terminology Practice – by Irene Radillo, FCCI

Spring in Ukiah, CA

Spring arrived and then decided to disappear on us in Northern California… but I have faith it’ll return soon! So… yes, Spring is here, and many of you are practicing and studying for various certification exams: so exciting! We support your commitment, so read on! Continue reading “Let’s Welcome Spring with Some Terminology Practice – by Irene Radillo, FCCI”


In keeping with our mission to help interpreters become more confident in their abilities, The Confident Interpreter has created this forum to provide you with tools, terms, tips, or simply food for thought on language and all things related to interpretation.   We look forward to hearing from you!