Irene Radillo interview on KZYX Mendocino

Hi all!  Recently co-founder Irene Radillo was invited to Wildoak Living on KZYX Mendocino to talk about the interpreting profession.

“When we’re bilingual it doesn’t always occur to us that that’s an actual skillset that we have that can help us earn a living and be of service.”

In this conversation Irene discusses how she and many people come to the interpreter/translator profession, different areas one can specialize in, the pros and cons of working as a freelancer or a staff interpreter, among other things.  Plus…do you know what the cardinal sins of interpreting are?

Listen for a fascinating conversation and for tips for bilinguals interested in the profession!  Please get in touch if you have any questions.

NOTE: In the interview Irene mentions a document with resources for those interested in learning more about a career in interpreting, which you can download here: Interpreter Certification Resources.



Due to some technical difficulties during the broadcast, Irene’s description of Simultaneous Interpreting was cut out.

Simultaneous interpretation is the mode of interpreting that is most used in court, and it consists of listening to the speaker and SIMULTANEOUSLY verbally conveying that message to the listener who does not speak that language. The best way to do this is using specialized equipment.


To learn more about Simultaneous Interpreting, check out our Simultaneous Self-study Guide.


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