Let’s Welcome Spring with Some Terminology Practice – by Irene Radillo, FCCI

Spring in Ukiah, CA

Spring arrived and then decided to disappear on us in Northern California… but I have faith it’ll return soon! So… yes, Spring is here, and many of you are practicing and studying for various certification exams: so exciting! We support your commitment, so read on!

We have 2 goals today: to share some interesting phrases  which could prove challenging (heard recently in a trial), and to offer you something extra. 

Listening in at trials even when interpretation is not required is great, because there is always something to learn. So, we at The Confident Interpreter are offering you this list of phrases and terms to consider.  Maybe you know them already, maybe you need to look them up. Give it a whirl. The term or phrase in question is italicized, but make sure to provide the whole phrase in your translation, because context will help you make sense of it and remember it. Did you get them all, were any of them tough? Could you think of more than one equivalent? Now, if you’ve been thinking of purchasing one of our packets for practice  and have answered ALL of these, send them back to us with your researched equivalents (must include source, even if it is YOU),, and we will write you back with a 10% discount code you can use on any of our products. All languages welcome (make sure to indicate your language, in case we might not recognize it!).

Thanks for participating, and we really look forward to your emailed submissions at: theconfidentinterpreter@gmail.com

English Phrase Your Target Language Equivalent Source
1.         Gross disregard for the victim’s safety
2.         Her anger escalated the situation, increasing the danger
3.         The amount of force of her response was much greater than required to defend herself
4.         The defendant provided inconsistent testimony
5.         Does this knife match the description of the one you saw?
6.         He was waving the knife around, from right to left
7.         You heard how she cursed repeatedly at the man
8.         She reported having  feelings of fear and anger
9.         They had several heated arguments in the laundromat
10.     They lived in a flimsy trailer at the end of the trailer park
11.     Understandably, you may agree with the defendant that…
12.     He had hidden the family assets from her
13.     He had taken, secreted and appropriated them without permission
14.     Her threats to call the police did not act as a deterrent
15.     There was a potential for great bodily injury
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