The Triple 7+ (Spanish)


  • 7 consecutive exercises:
  • 7 simultaneous exercises with glossary
  • 7 sight translation exercises
  • The Verbal Volley: recording of 100+ terms or phrases
  • The PLUS: bonus material such as visual glossaries, and other goodies

Products fully described below



The Triple 7+ is a digital packet with all of the following exercises to download:

  • 7 Sight Exercises: PDF with glossary
  • 7 Consecutive Exercises: Audio files with companion PDF and glossary
  • 7 Simultaneous exercises: Audio files with companion PDF and glossary
  • And, our popular Verbal Volley© 1

The Triple 7+ Packet contains training and practice materials for aspiring and practicing Spanish language court interpreters.  It offers a wide variety of terminology areas. All materials are based on actual legal cases, and we offer you a variety of topics in both civil and criminal law at the Federal and State levels.

Simultaneous Materials Include: Opening statements and closing arguments, expert witness testimony, jury instructions and witness examination

Consecutive Materials include:  Topics ranging from domestic violene, car parts, drugs, weapons, explosives and immigration

Sight Translation Materials include, in English: plea agreement, money laundering PSR, midsdemeanor advisement of rights, and an Admin Per Se form. And in Spanish: divorce decree, affidavit from murder victim, and money laundering document

Our goal is to help you feel confident as you encounter these same topics in an exam or a courtroom setting.

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