We are proud to announce Yvette Citizen’s new book!


Spanish Interpreter Guides Readers Through Meditation Exercises While Improving Their Spanish

 The Confident Interpreter is very excited to announce the release of Yvette’s new book!


Throughout her career as an interpreter, Yvette Citizen has met countless people who wanted to improve their Spanish. Whether they took Spanish in high school or spoke it at home growing up, they felt as if their language skills were a little rusty. She came up with a great way to help people improve their Spanish while working on their self-improvement goals with her book, “Bilingual Meditations – Meditaciones Bilingües: Improving Yourself and Your Spanish at the Same Time.”

Written in Spanish and English, this book is a set of meditative exercises that allows people to simultaneously improve their lives and their Spanish. With these exercises, the reader will visualize goals, set intentions, and review favorite quotes and songs – all in Spanish. This way, they can practice their Spanish skills and extend their vocabulary while getting themselves into a more positive state of mind. Each exercise has instructions in English and Spanish and is followed by a glossary to help the reader remember the new vocabulary.

The book is available through BalboaPress.com, Barnes & Noble and the usual places.

Feel free to contact Yvette and don’t forget to check out our Confident Interpreter training materials and resources.

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